About Us

First, we want to state that …. “We are real people ”.

We are not some entrepreneur sitting in a plush office, ripping off someone else’s service, and publishing the Tips as their own.

LayTips.co.uk is a small team of Professional Gamblers who are trying to offer all their subscribers and website visitors the very best Lay Betting service.
We make our living Laying and occasionally Backing horses in the UK and Irish Horse Racing markets. We have been doing this for over 40 years, in which time we have gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and industry contacts.

All these factors, along with a set of 18 – 20 filters we apply to each selection, put us in an ideal position to supply our subscribers with, accurate and profitable Lay Tips.
As a small team, we chose to keep our identities private. We are not looking for adulation,  praise or celebrity status (although if you do want to say nice things, please do not let us stop you) All we want aspire to is to be the very best Lay Tipping Service on the NET.

We make our selections every morning (Monday to Saturday) and then email those selections to the relevant list of subscribers.

How we select our Lay Tips

Every morning we study the days racing and apply a system of filters to each qualifying selection.

The first 2 filters are:

  • The selections SP must be 7/2 (3.5/1) or lower.
  • The selection must not have won its last race.

We then look deeper and put the selection through a further list of 18 – 20 filters. If the selection passes all those filters we will put it on a short list for that days Tips.
Of course, during the selection process, we use a large amount of “Racing Knowledge” “Discipline” and “Gut Feeling” All 3 being extremely important to the quality of the eventual selections.

The Selections

We are offering Lay Tips, that at the time of selection the betting market is stating, have a good chance of winning the race it is running in.

We are the first to admit that our selections, sometimes reach an SP higher than 7/2 by the time of the race. However, in our opinion this only goes to show just how good our selection system is, in that we are predicting the eventual, **market and in turn the likely hood of the selection winning its race.

We hope that the above has given you an Incite as to how LayTips.co.uk work on a day to day basis. We would like to invite you to contact us if you should have any queries or other relevant questions, and we will do our best to help you.

All the Best and GOOD LUCK

**The Starting Price or SP is arrived at by how much money has been bet on a horse in relation to other runners in the race via Online and Race Course Bookmakers. It is constantly changing throughout the day of the race!! More money put on the SP goes lower, less money goes on the price gets bigger. It is in fact a quantifiable reflection on the horse’s chance of winning the race.