What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

I usually lay the tip a little bit higher than the starting price on my software then I will Dutch the next best three in the betting to win - its been working great.


I've only recently joined up for your free Lay Tips and thought it best to monitor results before getting 'stuck in'.....well i soon became confident enough with your selected lay Tips to start laying down some 'cold hard cash'.....I've been very impressed with your advice so far .....none more so than with today's advised Lay' which was STORM ALERT in the 4.10 at Exeter... this horse appeared to have a great chance of winning when i spotted it this morning ,but after receiving your advice to Lay it, that's what i did ..I'm glad i took your advice....keep impressing me (please).... Thank you very much.


Thanks for the great emails you send every day. I tend to only lay at short prices so your tips have been invaluable. Sometimes I lay in-running aiming to get odds of around evens. This means if a lay goes on to win my losses are not too steep. From time to time I will not get matched at this level, but when I do and the horse fails to win it brings good returns. I have had some very good runs of results following your tips.


I'm not using any system at all other than blindly following your tips! Since subscribing I've taken my lovely wife out more than once and have treated my daughter to new "dollies". Thank you very much, Kevin