The Pension Pot 2.0

The original Pension Pot system was developed to be used by subscribers that want to place their Lay Bets as soon as they received them.
The new system, the new Pension Pot 0.2 is for those who like to bet nearer the race off and prefer to know the exact price they have layed at, and what their liabilities are.
The Pension Pot 0.2 Rules.
1. Only place bets on selections that you can get matched at 7/2 / 3.5 or lower nearing the start of the race.
2. Place your Daily Target and when your selection LOSES its race …..“STOP” **
3. If your Selection WINS its race place your Daily Target and any Losses on the next selection you can get matched at 7/2 / 3.5 or lower.
There are Bots out there that can do this for you if you cannot be around at the start of the race.
If you want to paper check this system before using it, we are sure that you will see how powerful it is. Alternatively, you can check back over our results.
There are more pros than cons to this system. The main con is that you may not find a Laying opportunity every day.
**It is obviously up to you if you’re comfortable with Laying Horses with a higher SP than 7/2 / 3.5.
Have a great day and all the best.