A Quick Update From LayTips.co.uk

Just a quick update on what has been going on over the past 4 weeks.

First of all we want to say thank you to all our subscribers who have continued with their subscriptions over the past 2 months. You know who you are and we will be doing our best to reward you all at some point in the future. Your subscriptions have kept us going!!

We have been working hard to make our website and subscriptions more user friendly by turning the site a Membership Site. A lot of our subscribers have said that it would be useful for them to be able to access the Daily Selections at the Website via a Members Only Page. They said this would help them to access the Lay Tips Selections when on the go via their phones and other smart products. For all of you who prefer to get the Selections sent to your email inbox, don’t worry as we will still sending our tips every morning, Monday to Saturday as usual.

We have also been looking at the international race meetings to see if our normal filters work when trying to find low SP Losers. We have been pleasantly surprised at our hit rate and our results seem to be going in the right direction, however we still feel that we need to test our filters further, and will keep you all informed should we decide to go public with this service.

I think that we have covered a lot of ground today and will keep you all updated as thing progress.

Please don’t forget that we recommend registering for our Lay Tips Newsletter, as this is our most effective way of notifying customers as soon as we know when our VIP and Daily Punt Services will return.

Have a great day and make sure you all keep safe and well.

All the best


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