Our Services For The Whole Of June 2020

VIP Club and Daily Punt Services For June
We have had a few emails this morning asking us about our June VIP Club and Daily Punt Services. 

 During June 20 we will be offering a Hybrid Service, using Tips from both the UK and USA markets. 

We will be looking at the UK Markets every morning and if we find the 5 Tips we need to supply both services, we will not be offering Tips from the USA Markets that evening. 

If however we can only find 2 Selections from the UK Markets (As was the case today) we will evaluate the USA markets that afternoon and supply as many tips as we can to complete both services. 

We hope this explains our position for June 2020.  We intend to take another look at the situation at the end of June 20. 

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be pleased to explain further.  All the best and keep safe. www.LayTips.co.uk