We Are Back This Friday – 1st MAY 20

As many of you already know, we have not been sitting back doing nothing since 25th April 2020. We have automated and tidied up the website to make it far more user friendly.  
We have also been trialing and testing the VIP Club and Daily Punt Services using US Horse Racing Cards.
We have been applying the same filters we have always used when analysing UK
Racing, and have been getting remarkably similar results. We are now at the point where we feel comfortable enough to go public with these results, and in turn, start offering our premium services again.
You will be able to view all the results for April shortly, and we think you will be extremely impressed!!
So, the great news is, from Friday the 1st of May 2020 we will be resuming VIP and Daily Punt services. 
Another awesome Plus is that Betfair seems to  cover all US Racing so you can continue to place your Lay Bets in the usual way.
Just a few words regarding the new US Vip and Daily Punt services. Because there is a time difference between the UK and the US we will not be sending the US Selections until early to mid-afternoon.
As we are endeavouring to supply the same low SP selections as we do using the UK Markets, we need to allow time for the US Markets to settle down before we make the selections.We have noticed, during testing, that sometimes the US markets can be a little more volatile than the UK markets, and Horses that are low SP on the first show, can drift out dramatically by the start of the race, so please be aware of this. 
We have decided to open the “Subscribe Buttons” at the website at around 11AM UK time tomorrow, this is to allow you to sign up in plenty of time for the launch on Friday. 
That’s about it for now ………… but please keep a look out for any updates we will be sending over the next few days. If you have any questions regarding the new services or the new website, do not hesitate to email us at help@laytips.co.uk