The Pension Pot System

The Pension Pot System

The VIP Club has had only 7 losing days since October 2015 using this system

We recently had a great email from one of our fantastic VIP Club subscribers .In our opinion, it says it all …….. We felt that you should all see it.

What I would like to know is why stop when you get one win for you with the four tips. why not go on and wager on all four tips. After all if you lose on the fourth tip you can wager on next days tip. If you are betting £10 a time that means four tips lose you get £40 instead of just £10……… Incidentally I made over a thousand pounds with your Daily Punt Selections.  Thanks for that.  It’s going to a holiday.

Since we started the VIP Club tipping service back in October 2015, we have had only 7 losing days when using the PENSION POT Betting System.  

The PENSION POT Betting System is a very simple and easy way to build up a HUGE BANK over time.

This PENSION POT System is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, or a short cut to OVER NIGHT RICHES. However with a little patience and daily application this system will achieve HIGH RETURNS.

The PENSION POT System relies on finding at least 1 horse that loses its race on the days you are using the System to Lay Horses.


  1. Set a DAILY TARGET – start LOW and only increase your DAILY TARGET when your BANK has grown enough to support the bigger stake.
  2. You must have at least 3 and no more than 4 Laying Selections. – JOIN THE VIP CLUB
  3. Lay the 1st selection to win your DAILY TARGET. If that horse LOSES its race STOP, as you have reached your DAILY TARGET.
  4. If the 1st selection WINS its race, you need to Lay the 2nd selection to gain back your losses + your DAILY TARGET.
  5. You carry on until you get a horse that loses its race and you achieve your DAILY TARGET.

This style of Gambling relies on the probability of a negative result. You can check our results right the way back to October 2015 when the VIP Club was launched and you will find that we have had only 4 losing days during that period.

Since October 2015 using THIS SYSTEM 

We feel we should point out that ALL gambling systems have risks attached, and the PENSION POT System is no exception. However, if you are sensible and start with a LOW STAKE or initially run the PENSION POT system by paper testing it, until you are confident and comfortable with it, you should not experience any unexpected losses.

Since we went public with the VIP Club back in October 2015 we have only had 7 losing days. We have always given our subscribers at least one losing selection every day, and in the majority of cases, it’s the 1st tip that loses.

“What if all the VIP Club selections WIN their races and I lose all the Betting Bank I have been building up over the many winning months” 

Our first response is to point out that this has only happened ONCE since the VIP Club was established in October 2015 …… WOW

We are not saying, it could not happen ……..  After all our selections are chosen from horses that at the time we send them are at a LOW SP and have every chance of winning. We are just saying that history tells us that it is “Most Unlikely to Happen”

So, if you are ready to start planning your financial future using the PENSION POT SYSTEM in conjunction with our VIP CLUB LAY TIPS


No long contracts | Minimum 90 Tips a month | Unsubscribe at any time