The New Pension Pot System 2.0


The new PENSION POT 2.0  system has been evolving over many years, and we believe it is our best and above all safest system to date.

We have decided to give it away completely free to our present and future subscribers. You don’t have to use it, but if you are looking for a system that works, we believe there is not a better one out there.


  1. Hi, and welcome to this short explanation of THE PENSION Pot 2.0 from Lay Tips.

    This Lay Betting System relies on finding at least 1 losing horse with a Starting Price lower than 7/2 Each day, Monday to Saturday. The system is designed to be used with our VIP Club selections or our other service the Daily Punt.

  2. THE PENSION POT 2.0 system is a very simple and easy way to build up a HUGE BANK over time. However, this System IS NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME or a shortcut to OVERNIGHT RICHES, but with a little patience and daily application and discipline, this system can achieve HIGH RETURNS

    THE PENSION POT 2.0 system relies on finding at least 1 horse that loses its race at odds of 7/2 or less.

    There are 2 ways to use the system 1. Pension Pot 2.0 – Pure, you stop at your first profit. 2. Pension Pot 2.0 – Turbo, where you would carry on and lay all the selections you match at 7/2 or less. Each version carries its own degree RISK for loss or Profit.

    First, you must work out how much you would like to win each day, this is your “Daily Target” We suggest you start low and build up your bank, once you reach a point where you are comfortable, you can then start increasing your “DAILY TARGET”

    1. Each morning we send you the 4 VIP Club selections.
    2. You need to Lay the selections at SPs of 7/2 or lower, on one of the main Betting Exchanges. Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets, Matchbook.
    3. If you cannot get the selection matched at 7/2 or lower by the start of the race, it is a “NO BET”.
    4. If you get the first selection matched at 7/2 or less and the selection loses its race “STOP” as you have won your “DAILY TARGET
    5. If the first selection “WINS” its race, work out your losses, including your original stake, and put that amount on the next selection you get matched at 7/2 or less.
    6. And so on …..

    This system can sometimes throw up days where there are no qualifying bets, but you must remain professional and disciplined….. “DON’T BET

    That’s It, this is a very simple System, THAT WORKS! And we are sure you will be very impressed when you realize just how POWERFUL it really is.


Memberships start at just £10 per month

Memberships start at just £10 per month