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Today’s FREE Lay Tip
Saturday 29th December 2018

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Mighty Thunder     Lay Tip – 7/2

11.45 Kelso

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Notes: * Odds quoted are at time of tip being sent.

If you are not sure about LAY BETTING, don’t worry…… let us explain. Normally when we bet, we are trying to predict which Horse, Dog, Team or other sporting opportunity is going to WIN. When you LAY a bet, you are betting which of the subjects are going to LOSE. In a way, you are taking the part of the bookmaker. It’s as simple as that.

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To place this type of bet you will (in most cases) have to use a BETTING EXCHANGE. A betting exchange is where gambling enthusiasts from Today’s Lay Tip all over the world get together and bet against each other on the probable outcome of a race or sporting event.

Today’s Lay Tip I can hear you saying “ANY FOOL CAN PICK LOSERS”  and you would be quite correct. However we will do our best to advise bets with a VERY LOW STARTING PRICE (SP), in-fact a lot of our tips will be FAVOURITES.  So even if the tip does win, your liability will be very low. So stick with us. This is a marathon and not a sprint.

We have put together a lot of the questions our subscribers send us on ourQuestions and Answers Page. Please take a look for more information.

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