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“Nothing is certain in horse racing.

If you choose to bet, only bet with what you can afford to lose.

If you cannot afford to lose, don’t bet.”

We are now getting many of our clients eMailing us with some great questions that we feel all our subscribers would benefit from seeing and reading our answers. Over the coming weeks we will build up a databank of Questions and Answers.  So here goes:

Q . Hi , the problem I have with your Lay Tips is this, it’s impossible to get the lay prices you’re quoting when you send the selections every morning..


Thank you for getting in touch. We love to get feedback from our fantastic subscribers.
In our defense we have a system of filters that we use to select all our tips and yesterday we had a VIP Club Tip called Constance (3.20 Curragh) that we advised at 11/4 and it was placed 13th at a price of 2/1 favorite. The FREE Tip yesterday (Little Choosy – 5.10 Nottingham) was advised at 7/2 and ran 7th at 12/1….. Not for the faint-hearted that one.The SP,s we quote are the SP of a horse (In The Racing Post) at the time we send the Lay Tips emails between 9am and 12 noon. The lower the SP the more likely they are to fluctuate up and down. A 100/1 shot in the morning, is usually a 100/1 shot when the race runs. What we are trying to say is that at the end of the market we deal in the SP’s are far more volatile than the other end. We do not have any control over the fluctuation of SP’s. We hope this answers your question and understand that Lay Betting is not for every one. We use all our VIP Club Lay Tips in conjunction with the Pension Pot System and have had only three losing days since October 2015. Have a great day.

 Q. Hi guys,

Just a quick email to tell you’re doing an amazing job. I have a question though, if the first tip is not matched at the recommended odds, what do you advise to do? Do I lay the second one or ‘finish off for the day’ (I’m using the VIP tips in conjunction with the pension pot system).


Hi I
It was great to hear from you.
You need to decide what amount of risk you are comfortable with and stop when you reach that level.
Some of our subscribers stop if the first tip wins and then resume with the free tip or wait till the next day.
Our results speak for themselves and as long as you are sensible and flexible in your approach to lay betting, you should not experience any long term losses.
Hope this helps. Have a great day.
Q. What would be useful to me would be a profit and loss at say £5/£10 a point not sure if I’m working this out correctly or not but looking at April’s results (taking into consideration I couldn’t see odds layed at) it doesn’t look like a profit was made, or enough of a profit to cover the subscription for the month. Please note this is not a knock at your service and I have made the assumption that every win takes 4x loss to recover from, but please provide or direct me to some more accurate information so I would be able to make more of an informed decision.

A. Our VIP Club Lay Tips are all proofed at http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/. You will find all our results (including the FREE Lay Tips) on that site. We feel we should point out that our VIP Club Lay Tips are not designed to be followed to the letter. We Do Not Lay Every Tip without Exception. We look at each tip and use them as part of a bigger Laying strategy.

Q. – Hi there, if I was to become a part of the VIP Club will there be more than one lay tip a day?

A. – If you join the VIP Club you will get a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 lay tips a day. If you visit https://www.laytips.co.uk/results-2/vip-club-results/february-2016/  you can see all the results for this month. It will also show you that on average we send out 3 – 4 VIP Lay Tips a day. For extra assurance, we proof all our Lay Tips at http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/. We would like to invite you to visit the link and you will see that we are “top of the tipsters league” for the past month.

If you would like to join the VIP Club just go to https://www.laytips.co.uk/vip-club/ and you can get all the info you need to join.

 QJust like to ask, all the odds on the exchange are in decimals but from your emails, you always show the fractions ?

A. The SP’s we quote are from the “Racing Post”. They are the SP’s quoted at the time we make the selections.

Q. Please could you give me some information on fixed liability and fixed staking?

A. Please visit our dedicated page at Click Here

Q. Do you study every race at every meeting everyday to come up with your excellent VIP Club Lay Tips?

A. No. Our 2 most important filters when choosing the FREE and the VIP Club Lay tips are that there must be at least 8 runners in a race, and the horses we tip must never have a SP higher than 7/2 / 3.5.1.

Q. Where can I find all the VIP Club Results?

A. Please go to “VIP Results” in the Top Menu.

Q. Do you have any advice on what to do if a Lay Tip you have advised at 2/1 goes out to 5/1 before the off?

A. The reason we offer you low Starting Prices (SPs) lay Tips is to help you protect your bank. However because we are advising horses that on the face of it are capable of winning the race, you need to make a decision about whether or not to bet, should the price get too big. We are assuming that you are placing your Lay Bets near to the start time of the race. If this is the case, and the SP has reached 7/2, we would still lay the horse to lose. If the SP is bigger than this, we would NOT BET. If however you had layed the horse in the morning at 2/1 and it had gone out to 5/1 +, we would have a win and place a bet (each way).

The moral of the story is try to Lay the horse as early as possible – that way you have more options later.

Q. Is there any educated selections going on here, or do you just look at the predictor page on the racing post?

A. We select all our tips using a tried, tested and fully researched selection process. We undertake to find horses that in the morning, when selected, have a Starting Price (SP) no higher than 3.5/1. This strategy will inevitably produce horses that win their races, however on the flip side, they should be at odds that will not damage your Betting Bank when they do. We have always advised our clients to use our tips as part of an overall strategy, and not to Lay them indiscriminately. We have no control over the eventual SP of our Tips but as a rule of thumb WE ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT LAY A HORSE WITH AN SP OF HIGHER THAN 3/1.

We advise our clients to look at each of our selections individually, and then decide what to do with them. We can only supply tips that in our opinion will LOSE their race. However the ultimate decision as to wager or not, must be made by the client. We understand that our service is not for everyone, however we are all interested in and involved with an industry that unfortunately, is not an exacting science.

Please take a look at our article called “Fixed Liability Staking” this type of bet may suit some of our clients better than the conventional  “Lay Bet”.


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