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Hi Everybody

Let us first thank everybody who took part in our competition to win a VIP CLUB Membership. 

We asked the question “How do you use the FREE Lay Tips we send you everyday to make an extra income?”.

Below we have published the 5 emails we felt were the most interesting.

a. I usually lay the tip a little bit higher than the starting price on my software then I will Dutch the next best three in the betting to win – its been working great. Darren

b. Hello guys , I’ve only recently joined up for your free Lay Tips and thought it best to monitor results before getting ‘stuck in’…..well i soon became confident enough with your selected lay Tips to start laying down some ‘cold hard cash’…..I’ve been very impressed with your advice so far …..none more so than with today’s advised Lay’ which was STORM ALERT in the 4.10 at Exeter… this horse appeared to have a great chance of winning when i spotted it this morning ,but after receiving your advice to Lay it, that’s what i did ..I’m glad i took your advice….keep impressing me (please)….thank you very much. Andy

c. Hi Lay Tips,
Thanks for the great emails you send every day. I tend to only lay at short prices so your tips have been invaluable. 
Sometimes I lay in-running aiming to get odds of around evens. This means if a lay goes on to win my losses are not too steep. 
From time to time I will not get matched at this level, but when I do and the horse fails to win it brings good returns.
I have had some very good runs of results following your tips.
Thanks again – and best wishes, Ray

d. I’m not using any system at all other than blindly following your tips! Since subscribing I’ve taken my lovely wife out more than once and have treated my daughter to new “dollies”. Thank you very much, Kevin

e. Dear Team,

I have always shown an interest in lay betting.
Take the back side of things   i.e.. 10 horse race.Put 10 balls in a bag one of the balls is red the other 9 are white to win the back, draw out the red ball , very very hard to do ????

So lets nominate the red ball as our winner (.lets call it our lay)Now how many times can you draw out the red ball??? Not easy so are lay wins. That’s my take on laying

So to have a panel of experts analysing the false favourites due to the criteria has to cut down the work needed for a successful lay, great  

I like to cross check the selection given, I go to the racing post site load the selected race,

Then by by ticking the OR box .which switches the horses in O R order 

I can see where the selected Lay has moved to and if the horse is towards the bottom of horses in the race that is a safe lay selection, it always seems to guide me anyway

I thank you for the opportunity to have free subscription to the VIP CLUB and hope you find my thoughts on laying interesting. Kind regards Keith



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