The VIP Club

Welcome to the VIP Club Service from

VIP Club subscription includes:
4 Selections are sent every morning between 12 noon and 1300 Hrs Monday to Saturday.
There will be a minimum of 95 VIP Club Lay tips sent every month.

We strongly advise that you use your VIP Club Lay Tips in conjunction with The Pension Pot 2.0 System on this website.
It is this our Tried and Tested System that will help you make the most of your VIP Club Lay Tips.
The Lay Tips Pension Pot 2.0
is our new system and was launched at the beginning of October 2021.
Our previous system The Pension Pot System has been extremely successful and since October 2015 has only produced 7 losing days, however, we believe that The Pension Pot System 2.0  is an even better system. 
The upsides of laying horses with a low SP is that you are minimizing your losses should the selection win its race.

You will not be committing to any lengthy contracts. If you find that Lay Betting is not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the next payment date. Just visit your Paypal account and cancel your “Recurring Payment”
Please make sure that you have access to your current Paypal Email Addresses inbox, as this is where we will be sending your VIP Club selections too. If this is not convenient, we can always send your selection to an alternative email address, once you have opted in to our subscriber’s list.

If you have any questions, please send us a message via the contact form on this website.

Join the VIP Club UK – Just £5 For Your First 10 Days.  

No long contracts | Minimum 90 Tips a month | Unsubscribe at any time.